Cindy Dahiya  
I believe that everyone needs a financial plan. A plan is a road map, it tells you where you're going, and how to get there as efficiently and effectively as possible with the least amount of fuss, and therefore risk.
While working as a Technology and Financial product trainer with Banker’s Trust Australia, Deutsche Bank and State Street, I realised that what I really needed to do was to apply my skills of teaching and training to coach people in improving themselves and their livelihoods in one way or another.

Today I simply teach and train people on how to manage their finances better; I consider it a privilege to assist as an individual, a family or a business owner responsible for their staff’s Corporate Super.

At Alpha Advisers, my aim is to provide you with financial advice that you would give yourself if you had all the knowledge and experience.

We are not aligned to any product provider, financial institution, insurance company or bank. Hence, we are in a position that we can advise our clients without any conflict of interest.
We strictly adhere to these principles for our client’s peace of mind.

"You have to take the person as a whole. Similar to building a house, every part of the foundation has to hold up the section above it. As a result, I like to ensure that the strategies that we produce are designed the same way. Something as simple as how you handle your cash flow through to complex tax and asset protection arrangements all work hand in hand. Then you can finally say that you're doing as much as you can to succeed."

On Corporate Super

Most Employers want to look after their employees in such a way that they can provide suitable benefits, which they will value.

I hold my head high and know with pride and dignity that when I advise my corporate clients and their employees on which superannuation and insurance product they should go with, they are getting a really good deal in the market place.

My work ethic dictates that my Corporates are never at a loss when it comes to deciphering legislative issues they may encounter whilst dealing with employee issues. We are in a position to provide access to the very best technical people in the industry.

I truly enjoy the way the employees of my corporate clients get to know us and at times we become almost one of them. I am always accessible for them.

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