Planning today for a brighter tomorrow

Planning today for a brighter tomorrow

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  • Retail Client:

    “Five years ago we became worried when our investments were losing money rapidly. We believed that we had received poor advice. As well, fees and costs were so hidden in documentation that they were very difficult to discover and personal meetings with the advisor never mentioned this aspect of our investments.

    We received advice to meet with Cindy and Desh of Alpha Advisers Group. Having had one bad experience we were a little wary but we have been very happy with every  aspect of our experience with them in the last four and a half years. Don has been placed in a very satisfactory superannuation fund, our money has stopped pouring out and all fees and costs are openly stated and are very clear to understand. We enjoy meeting with Cindy and Desh and value their advice and their breadth of knowledge and also their concern for our on-going financial well being.”

    Nina and Don

  • Corporate HR Manager:

    “I have known Cindy Dahiya professionally now for over 10 years and during that time I have been constantly impressed with her professionalism, expert knowledge of all things superannuation related, as well as her ability to really get to know the business and tailor needs according to the culture of the Company and the people.

    Animal Logic engaged Alpha Advisors to assist with our superannuation offering to staff, and their service has exceeded our level of expectation. Their service offering is thorough, end to end, and they are very well connected so are able to provide recommendations to other services should staff require them, estate planning for example.

    Both Cindy and Desh are experts in their field and I would highly recommend their service. They are committed to helping our staff in a genuine way, and they are a delight to deal with.”


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